Pro Wrestler CM Punk Beefs With Chris Brown On Twitter

Pro Wrestler CM Punk Beefs With Chris Brown On Twitter

How ridiculous is this? Last night, WWE champion CM Punk took to his Twitter account to engage in a completely random war of words with none other than Chris Brown. Now, we say "completely random" because this could either be a scripted beef between the two (which, given the WWE's past, wouldn't surprise us in the least) or CM Punk could really have a problem with Breezy. But, either way, here are a couple of the tweets that these two exchanged:

CM Punk versus Chris Brown at WrestleMania this year? Er, we're guessing that's not exactly what wrestling fans want to see. But, assuming Mayweather/Pacquio doesn't happen, it would (sadly!) probably end up being the biggest sports PPV of the year. 

On a separate note: Isn't Chris supposed to be kicking it with Rihanna again? If so, WTF is he doing on Twitter beefing with a wrestler? Don't you have better things to be doing, dude? Go do 'em!

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