There are a lot of reasons for NFL fans to dislike Tim Tebow. His strong religious beliefs? They rub some people the wrong way. His poor mechanics? Yeah, they don't exactly help his cause. His happy-go-lucky approach to, well, everything? Ugh. They can get to be a bit much. But, the fact that dude is a virgin? Well, that doesn't really bother many people. But it does apparently bother our favorite football-loving porn star Bibi Jones, who took to her Twitter account last night to reveal that she's no fan of Tebow...because he's a virgin.

"There is something I just don't like about tebow," she wrote. "Ugh he is so annoying. #overit #beingavirginislame."

This doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Tebow is set to play against your boy Rob Gronkowski next weekend, does it, Bibi? Oh well. Whatever. You're entitled to your opinion. Especially when you follow up tweets like that one with a Twitpic of your nipples. Niiiiiiice!

[via Black Sports Online]

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