All Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindziswa wanted was to organize a Floyd Mayweather, Jr./Manny Pacquiao bout for her father's birthday. No big deal, right? I mean, it's only the single most anticipated sporting event in the last decade. Errr, you should've known better, ma'am. Now, you've been stuck with a $7.5 million tab after hiring a boxing promoter from Los Angeles named Duane Moody to try and organize the event—and then completely flaking on the deal when it didn't come together. That's how much a judge ordered Mandela to pay Moody recently after she allegedly agreed to pay the promoter a 15 percent commission on the fight, which was expected to bring in about $100 million, and then disappeared after he started to put in the legwork to make it happen.

"We haven't heard anything from any representative for Ms. Mandela," Moody's lawyer told TMZ recently. "It appears she feels hiding in South Africa means she can avoid her obligations in the U.S."

Moral of the story: Do not bank on a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight happening. Not even if you're the daughter of one of the most important men in the world. It's just not worth gambling on.

[via TMZ]