During the NBA lockout, a lot of NBA players spent their time playing in charity basketball games. Fortunately, none of them suffered any serious injuries playing like some critics of the games thought they might. However, at least one NBA player probably wishes he'd said no when he was asked to participate.

Houston Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry played in a charity game in Las Vegas in September and allegedly got into an altercation with a female referee who was working the game. As a result, he's now facing battery charges that could force him to face up to six months in prison and a $1000 fine. "At the end of the game," his summons/warrant reads, "Lowry approached the victim and threw a basketball at her striking her in her torso. The victim picked up the basketball and tossed it back at Lowry. Lowry became upset and stated, 'B----, meet me outside. I will kick your ass.'"

The summons/warrant then goes on to point out that once things calmed down and cooler heads prevailed, Lowry walked away and the ref headed towards a changing area for officials—at which time she was again hit with a basketball. He reportedly apologized to the referee later, but it was too little, too late and she decided to press charges against him and got the other referees in attendance at the game to corroborate her story.

Not for nothing, dude, but...Really?!? We know players get pissed off at referees all the time, but did you really threaten to beat up a referee? And a female referee at that? Stupid, stupid move. And it's a real shame that this story had to come out now when you're actually playing the best ball of your career. Think next time before you berate an official, man. Or, better yet, just STFU and play ball. Is that so difficult?

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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