Lil Wayne is (obviously) from New Orleans. So you'd think that he'd be rooting for Saints quarterback Drew Brees to win the NFL's Most Valuable Player award this season. But the consensus amongst NFL analysts is that the MVP award will go to one of two guys after the season—Brees or Aaron Rodgers, the QB for Weezy's favorite NFL team the Green Bay Packers. So in spite of his ties to Brees and the Saints, Wayne already knows who he's cheering for.

"Kongrats to Drew Brees," he wrote on his Twitter page last night after Brees broke Dan Marino's long-standing record for the most passing yards in a season, "but Aaron Rodgers is the NFL MVP hands down. Green & Yellow!!!!!!!!!!!"

We applaud Weezy for his loyalty. But, then again, can you really go wrong cheering for either one of those guys?

[via Twitter]

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