Founded by Benjamin Plum and Lex Kendall, Evolve Motorcycles is a New York-based company that manufactures its signature product—100-percent electric scooters, in a Jersey City factory. These vehicles are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and have an efficient battery management system, so riders can effectively gauge the amount of juice left in their vehicles. On a full charge (which takes about two and a half hours), each standard-edition scooter will run up to 60 miles before it bleeds out of energy. 

There are plans to release an "XR" line in the future—a premium collection of scooters with more robust batteries. Currently, the company is taking pre-orders for its first three models: the entry-level Helium, lithe Neon, and cruiser-style Titanium. The price range is surprisingly affordable, starting with $2,900 for the Helium, and $5,400 for the Titanium. These vehicles make for an ideal city ride, topping out at speeds of 40 mph for the Helium, 50 mph for the Neon, and 70 mph for the Titanium.

All models feature rear and front disc brakes, tubular steel frames, alloy wheels, and HID headlights to maximize visiblity. They're also available in a range of colors, from the standard gray to the sporty "evolve" blue.

Complex was fortunate enough to meet with co-founder Lex Kendall, who showed us some of the current and upcoming models at the company's showroom in New York. Check out our pictures above.

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