And you thought you had a crazy weekend! At the Open on Sunday (yes, that's the name of a real golf tournament) a 31-year-old golf fan from Santa Rosa, Calif. was arrested after he ducked under the gallery ropes on the seventh green, yelled at Tiger Woods, and then proceeded to—WTF?—throw a hot dog at him. After the event, Woods himself commented on it.

"He was pretty far away from me," he said. "And, you know, when he started making the commotion and the gallery started to kind of get into it, I could hear the security behind me. I was still bent over [reading] my putt. And when I looked up [the hot dog] was already in the air."

What a truly bizarre moment. But, our favorite quote concerning the incident comes from Dan Diggins, the tourney's director of security. "Just an idiot," said Diggins, who saw the man throw the weiner in Woods's direction. "But it wasn't a chili dog. It could have been really bad."

"It wasn't a chili dog," folks! Yes, this is what it's come to for Tiger Woods. SMH. [via]