Baseball! As American as apple pie, hot dogs, and “Colored Only” water fountains. Say what?!? That's right, America's national pastime has more than a little racist effery in its past (well, no shit you say). It's not really baseball's fault—anything that's been around this blessed and damned country of ours since the 19th century is bound to have been tainted by America's other national pastime (it's not like the rest of the country was a bastion of fairness the whole time).

Still, dig this: the game is 142 years old, and for more than a third of those years, blacks were excluded from playing because of a “gentlemen's agreement” (the “gentlemen” were too cowardly to even make it an official rule). And it's not like baseball immediately cleaned up its act when Jackie Robinson started playing—you'd be surprised how many moments on this list are from the past 30 years. So, as we celebrate the World Series this week, we also educate, with A History of Racism in Baseball...*cues the Das Racist playlist*

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