Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has appeared on 'Plex's sports channel before. Three times actually (here, here, and here). So just in case if you were wondering about the title of this post, he is now, by default, "our favorite NFL punter."

Anyway, we're doing yet another post on Kluwe, because after the NFL put out a memo to all 32 NFL teams earlier this week concerning defensive players who fake injuries in order to slow down no-huddle offenses, he decided to put together his own memo to NFL players who fake injuries. And, well, it's a whole lot more awesome than the one the NFL put out and manages to insult punters, kickers, soccer players, and football players with no, er, "testicular fortitude" in just 30 words. Click on the thumbnail above to read it. Pretty impressive, eh?

Now let's just hope guys pay attention to it this week. [via Larry Brown Sports]