Boston Bruins center Brad Marchand was understandably excited when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in June. So along with a few of his teammates, he decided to brand himself with a "Stanley Cup Champions" tattoo to commemorate the event. Except that, well, that's not what the tatt said when he emerged from the artist's chair. Instead, as Marchand reveals in his first entry for a diary he'll be keeping for this season, it featured one very noticeable glitch.

"A bunch of us got tattoos here in the dressing room of the Garden," Marchand says. "Mine originally was misspelled. Instead of saying Stanley Cup Champions, it said Stanley Cup Champians. I don't even know how that happened. After I got it, I came in the room and someone was like it says champians...with an a. So I went back and the tattoo guy fixed it after that. It's fixed now."

SMH. Another fine example of the American education system at work! Sorry about that, son. [via ESPN Boston]