Aside from a handful of spotty features and Gucci co-signs on Waka Flocka’s early mixtapes, the volume  of collabs between the only Forbes list member with an ice cream face tat and his understudy have been rather infrequent, failing to satisfy our desired amount of Brick Squad family raps. Lucky for us, no fall out, management dispute or jail bid has proven big enough to separate these two long-lost brothers from another mother. This month, the duo released their long-awaited full-length collaborative album, The Ferrari Boyz which we gave you our thoughts on. Now, two of Atlanta’s iciest rappers talk to us about their favorite cars, road head in said cars and living life in the fast lane. Move, trick. Get out the way!

What is a Ferrari Boy and what does it means to you?
Waka: There are a lot of people in the lane that me and Gucci created and that’s just how we felt. We feel like we’re one of the top brands in our lane. We’re Ferraris so we’re just trying to knock people out of our lane.  A Ferrari Boy is a on-going person; a fly guy. The camera’s love him, the ladies love him. He’s always smiling and always seems happy. He’s in a good mood and he’s iced up.

Gucci Mane: It’s a lifestyle. Being fly and doing what you want to do. The rap game gave us a lot of opportunities, so at this point in our lives we’re doing well and talking about how we’re living—driving Ferraris, pulling up to the club, showing out, stuntin’, ballin. So why not put it on an album?

What do you have in your garage right now?
Gucci Mane: I have two Ferraris, a Hummer, a Chevy Camaro, an Oldsmobile and my GMC van that I travel with. I put some TVs in it and some rims.

Waka: An ‘09 Ferrari, M6, and two Escalades. I’m about to buy the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Gucci, why did you decided on the 458 Ferrari?
Gucci: I like the body shape,  the style and how it looks. I put yellow stitching in the inside and 22s in the back and 21s in the front.

How much did you pay for it?
Gucci: It only cost $370,000.

Waka, what model Ferrari do you own?
Waka: Nunya

OK.., is that out yet?
Waka: [Laughs] I’m playing. I don’t wanna say anything yet because I do some different shit so I never put the model out. I’m going to fix the body and the paint, but when I show it off, I’ll put it on the Internet.

Can you say what it is?
Waka: Nah, I have Eses working on it in L.A. I’m flexing.

What’s your favorite car that you own?
Gucci: I love my 612 Ferrari Scaglietti

What was the first car you bought with legal rap money?
Gucci: The Hummer H2.

Where is the first place you take a new whip to show-off?
Waka: The first thing I do is drive around and get a feel for it. I gotta drive around the neighborhood. You gotta catch that stunt first.

Gucci Mane: I go to the club just like a normal person. I might go to the studio, but I go everywhere like a normal person would.

What’s your favorite customization?
Gucci Mane: I like forgiatto rims and a nice system. I like my music loud, and I like to feel what I'm hearing.

Waka: I like rims, system and interior, but I like my car more classy. I don’t wanna be too flashy. More like a clean and simple look.

What’s one thing people can’t do in your car?
Waka: No cigarettes in my car.

Gucci Mane: People can’t touch my radio. I like to listen to what I like and I don’t want anyone messing with my system.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever drove?
Waka: I was flying down I-75 doing 165 in the M6. I’m talking 'bout, before I got on the highway I was already doing 100.

What’s the worst run-in with the law?
Waka: Cops pulling me over and asking me if I have my pilot’s license because I was going so fast. I almost lost my life.

Gucci: I don't have any bad run-ins with the law in my car. I have my license, insurance, I pull up, no problem. My cars go fast, but I don't drive that fast ‘cause I don’t like speed and I don’t like to get pulled over.

What’s the craziest sex experience you’ve had in the car?
Gucci: I can’t talk about that right now. It's just too personal

Waka: Gettin’ some head with the top down on the highway in the daytime. That shit was crazy. I was on I-75 going fast, but I don’t think anybody was paying attention. I was going too fast.

Any groupie love in the whip?
Waka: Oh My Gawd! After the show they follow us to the car. We get kicked out of the hotel, but it’s so many girls, they follow us on the highway. We gotta stop on the highway and my security has to get out and have their guns out so they can get scared and drive away. When other rappers come with me they always say they ain’t never seen no shit like that.

Gucci: I ain’t too much for groupie love, period.

What’s your ultimate dream car?
Gucci: The new Bugatti.

Waka: I want me a 2 million dollar jet. I know I made it when I can buy that.