The Oldsmobile Cutlass was one of the most popular and successful cars produced by the Oldsmobile division of  General Motors, due to a mix of brilliant marketing, moderately fair pricing—compared to the Pontiacs and Buicks of the time—and a wide range of models and trims. The line added value to the Oldsmobile name who later introduced the Cutlass Supreme in '66 for those requiring more sophisticated detailing and luxurious interior. The 1970 Cutlass, also known as the 4-4-2 for its engine size, was the pinnacle for the Oldsmobile name hence the model's popularity 'til this day.

Lyrical Mention: 1-9-7-0 Oldsmobile Cutlass is what I drive/With the same colored tent as the paint, who that inside? -E-40, "Pimps, Hustlas"

Nelly breaks down his slang in front of an audience of  Cutlasses and a Pontiac GTO in his "Country Grammar" video.