While most artists wrap their street team promo vehicles with splashy images of their album covers and faces, Mexican-American rapper Chingo Bling custom painted his famous taco truck in preparation for his controversial 2007 album, They Can't Deport Us All, with the same message. The family-owned truck was more than a marketing move on Bling's part—he had peddled his mixtapes from the same truck earlier in his rap career—but the Tamale Kingpin might have bit off more than he can chew when he became a target of political conservatives during his They Can't Deport Us All campaign, and his beloved taco truck ended up defaced, shot at, and eventually stolen. Viva la raza!

Lyrical Mention: I'll take you to the taco shop/Big chile is what I got -Chingo Bling, "Taco Shop"

Before the food truck buzz, Chingo Bling served the streets like he does in this spoof video for "Taco Shop".