Due to its huge size, flashiness, and room for customization, this gas-guzzler found a place with rappers and athletes, and has steadily remained a staple in the bling-bling culture. In the early aughts, the more luxurious and powerful Escalade drove over the competition (Chevy Tahoe and Yukon Denali) while becoming one of the first customizable SUVs with modifications that were only previously seen on sedans such as candy paint, vertical "Lamborghini" doors, and spinning rims. After seeing it's influence, automakers caught on to the truck's marketability within urban culture and further "blinged" out the truck making mounted TVs and 20-inch rims stock options.

Lyrical Mention: "I put Lamborghini doors on that Escalade/Low pro's so low look like I'm ridin' on blades" -Game, "This is How We Do"

Sumitomo tires, reptile seats, and designer upholstery—this luxury SUV was never the same after Mannie and Baby put their hands on it for their "Stay Fly" single off their Hood Rich album.