Since its introduction in 1977, the BMW 7 series has always been synonymous with smooth handling, forward innovation, and luxury design, but it wasn't until the fifth generation of the German automaker's flagship sedan that the bimmer reclaimed its spot in hip-hop history. The series, also known as the E65, spawned the BMW 745, which was the top of the line bimmer when it was first introduced in 2002 with a 4.4 Liter engine. The car was greeted by some controversy from enthusiasts due to a departure in design from its previous generations and a buggy iDrive computer system designed to un-clutter the dashboard, but nothing stopped the popularity of the quarter-to-eight.

Lyrical Mention: I'm know for the flip of that cocaina/I'm heavy in the street like the 7 series bimma -Malice, "What Happened To That Boy"

Ricky Ross shows us how Miami really gets down during his "Hustlin'" video from the driver seat of his white-on-white. But that’s back when we believed everything he said.