Just in case you didn't already catch it on DirecTV or run out and buy the final season on DVD, the series finale of Friday Night Lights is set to air on NBC tomorrow night. If you've never watched the show, ESPN Classic also just announced that they've picked up the rights to air the series every Thursday night beginning July 21. Regardless, this oral history of the show by Grantland's Robert Mays is a must read for anyone that's followed the show or just getting into it now.

And if you do happen to be an FNL junkie, you'll be happy to know that, although it doesn't appear in the oral history, Bill Simmons says that FNL creator Peter Berg has expressed some interest in doing an FNL movie based on where the series leaves off. Sounds like a great idea to us. [Read "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Couldn't Lose" on Grantland]