Bob Knight won't be getting a Christmas card from Kentucky head coach John Calipari this year. In a speech that he delivered recently, Knight took the time to blast Kentucky and Coach Cal for embracing college basketball's one-and-done approach to elite players—even if what he said wasn't exactly true. "There's a situation in college basketball that really bothers me beyond anything that's ever bothered me in my career," Knight said. "Kentucky, year before last, started five players in the NCAA Tournament games that had not been to class that semester. And that's that one-and-done philosophy that we have now."

Okay, okay, so it turns out that while Kentucky posted a pretty poor team GPA during the spring semester (2.18, sons?!?!?), all five of the starters did go to class that semester. But, fuck it: It's Bobby Knight, so who are we to argue? [via The Dagger]