Super Bowl Cheerleader Showdown: Colts vs. Saints

Super Bowl Cheerleader Showdown: Colts vs. Saints


Our week of Super Bowl posts concludes today with a thorough breakdown of the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints, and what each needs to do to win the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday. SIKE! Since we've already compared the teams' wifeys, we're going to end the week with a showdown of their cheerleaders. Let's be honest: Neither squad's making the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders nervous, But hey, we still found a healthy supply of cuties on either side, so keep clicking to check out the Super Bowl's hottest cheerleaders and take our poll to decide which team comes out on reverse-cowgirl top...

Arbara (Colts) vs. Aimee (Saints)

(COLTS) Arbara vs. (SAINTS) Aimee
• Arbara is from Prodigy's hometown (Hempstead, L.I.!), while Aimee represents Pearl, Mississippi, home of Leann Rimes. You should already know which one of these chicks we'd tell to go fuckin' paint a house.


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