The Nike Air Max Plus – also known as the Nike TN – has a strong reputation for being the choice sneaker for Australian drug dealers, so it only makes sense to make Australia the only place to cop them, right? Well, that's exactly what happened and it's not the first time. The Nike Air Max Plus is now getting a "White Tiger" colorway.

With an official color code of White/Silver-Black, the sneakers feature a white upper with black-to-white gradient faded stripes. While the Air Max Plus is known for vibrant colors like the "Tiger" colorway, the "White Tiger" color way is quiet the opposite. The bold design of the Air Max Plus paired with a subdued colorway make for a a sneakers, that's not too flashy, but is still eye catching.

It doesn't look like there will be a stateside release for the Nike Air Max Plus "White Tiger," so hit up your Australian connect if you have one. Take a look at Foot Locker AU's product page here.