The Adidas Element Refine Tricot has a really long name for such a simple ass sneaker. This shoe reminds me of those swim shoes that were super popular amongst our parents in the '90s. Remember swim shoes? Yeah, me too. Buzzfeed should totes hire ya boy. Anyways, I'm down with these because they look very easy breezy and I'm all about easy breezy summertime because I'm not an insane person. These are crucial running to the farmer's market sneakers. Ya know, just grabbing some ill parsnips and kiwis and shit on a lazy Sunday. Or, you know, grabbing the 17-year-old box of mac and cheese or the 38-year-old pack of ramen at the bodega on a Thursday night because you are high as fuck.

Update: You can buy the Adidas Element Refine Tricot on sale for $40.