Everyone remembers the hayday of And 1 Streetball in the early 2000's. A non stop barrage of young talented ballers, with sick handle and insane hops going around showcasing their skills in gyms all across America. Although the mixtape tour has dwindled out over the years, that hasn't stopped the streetball movement, and we got a first hand look as we attended the Ball Up media/influencer event earlier today.

Ball Up is going back to the roots of streetball bringing the flashy, high flying play back to blacktops and area gyms all around the country. We got invited to attend and participate in the latest Ball Up event which took place at Basketball City in NYC. The game consisted of some previous And 1 mixtape standouts including Baby Shaq, Violator, and The Professor mixed in with media affiliates and other Ball Up team members in a friendly exhibition to display their uncanny abilities, and help revive streetball. The team at Ball Up also brought on Gilbert Areanas, aka Hibachi, to coach one of the teams with Ball Up founder Demetrius Spencer running the other squad.

For more information on Ball Up, and an opportunity to try out for the team this weekend, hit up their website to get all the details. The main thing we came away from the event is thanks to Ball Up, streetball is back on the rise, and we couldn't be happier.

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