Anyone who's ran a marathon knows how difficult it can be gain entry into the race, especially for some of the most popular marathons including, Boston, New York, and London. If you're not lucky enough to be chosen following registration, it's often had to crack your way into the race unless you have some friends in high places who can pull some strings. This Sunday marks the 34th running of one of the world's most popular races, the Virgin Money London Marathon, and for those who didn't make it in, or can't afford a plane ticket across the pond, the Paofit app has the answers to your problems.

For the first time ever, Paofit is launching the "“Digital Virgin Money London Marathon”, allowing anyone in the world to experience the atmosphere of the famous race from their treadmill. Paofit combines HD video of locations throughout the race, with virtual avatars to simulate your running the London Marathon while in the comfort of your own home or gym. The app senses the vibration made from running on a treadmill, causing it to reflect your speed and time in coordination with people actually running the race in real time.

The Paofit app is currently available for download on the iPad here, with an iPhone version coming soon. Stay with Sneaker Report for more news from Paofit, and they're ongoing mission to change the way you workout.


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