Custom masters PMK and Relevant return with luxed out version of the Air Jordan XII which they've titled "Car Service."

The "White/Black-Taxi" Air Jordan XIIs were nicknamed the "Taxis" because of the "Black/Yellow" detailing featured on the outsole of the shoe. Playing on that name, the duo decided to call their creation the "Car Service" because of the upgraded materials and the perception that this is the preferred method of transportation for boss figures. Speaking on the materials, the team reconstructed the entire upper utilizing genuine lizard skin to give the shoe a luxurious look and finish. Topping off the customs are Aglit Italy white leather laces which feature gold tips which further communicates the lux story.

Like all of their customs, the shoe is limited to 10 pairs worldwide and is available for sale to anyone that is willing to drop the dough. If you're interested in copping, head on over to their respective websites, PMK and Relevant, for more information.

[via PMK]