1992 gave us many things, The Dream Team, White Men Can't Jump, and Bulls vs. Blazers for the Genesis/SNES. A high point in sneakers that year was the Nike Air Maestro Flight 1, considered one of the best performance sneakers Nike ever released.

Today, Nike decided to take a look back at the Maestro and its impact on the brand's current designs.

In a time when Nike basketball divided itself with its "Force" and "Flight" lines, the Air Maestro became a favorite of many of the league's premier players. First seen during the 1992 Olympic games, the shoe became the go to footwear for Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper and John Stockton amongst others. The shoe was popular amongst collegiate athletes as well and could be seen on the feet of a young Jason Kidd as he took the court for Cal in his freshman year.

The shoe itself was a true innovation for its time and continues to be an influence on some of today's newest and best, including the Nike Zoom HyperRev, which drew inspiration from the 20 year old shoe during its creation.

Like Nas said, it ain't hard to tell where today's Nike sneakers get their looks from.








[via Nike]