While music and fashion are two worlds that have been linked together since the beginning of time, it's not uncommon to hear rappers dedicate a song to their affinity for kicks and high fashion. Reigning from the Bronx, well noted sneakerhead and artist Jae Tips has created a rather raw track entitled ‘Sold My Yeezys’ to which he passionately spits evocative bars about how he sold a pair of Yeezys, from his own personal collection, to do what he had to do in order to push his music career to the next level. Joining this vivid tale is a Jaison Blackrose-directed video that shows Jae rhyming in both the streets of SoHo and the Bronx. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or just have a love for sneakers, you will definitely appreciate all the realness this track has to provide especially since realness is definitely lacking on the hip hop scene at the moment. In case you like ths track and want to hear more, you can download Jae's "South of Houston" mixtape right now. 

“I just wanted to display the love I have for my city, but the struggle as well that you have to go through to make it here. From the thought process of writing lyrics to showing people how hard you have to go and sacrifice, not only to chase dreams, but follow them. It’s more than just dropping a video or sending out emails, but the stuff you got to get to that point. And that’s what I wanted people to see in this video.” – Jae Tips