APL broke into the basketball sneaker world a few years back and immediately created buzz with designs that held true to their name, Athletic Propulsion Labs. The promise of jumping higher has always been a selling point when it comes to basketball sneakers. APL made headlines when the NBA banned their sneakers from the league.

Fast forward a coupld of years and the idea of basketball shoes making you jump higher might not exactly be a key selling point but there is no denying the success in which the designs of APL have grown into. Not only are the designs constantly improving, acording to KicksonCourt.com, the APL Concept 3 is one of the best performing sneakers of the year so far. The breathable two-layer mesh upper, low-profile midsole and lightweight design are an excellent combination for any baller looking for some performance that isn't just talk. Design-wise, the intricate details of the midsole, use of quality materials and translucent outsole make this colorway of the APL Concept 3 a real head-turner.

You can pick up the White/Silver/Crystal colorway of the APL Concept 3 through the APL website now.