Arguably the only sneaker not named Flyknit that made serious waves amongst the #menswear set last year was Nike's Mayfly Woven, an underrated, unexpected flip on an archive gem. Originally designed in non-woven form as a single race, 100 mile sneaker, the Mayfly was released last year in two clean and versatile colors (navy and grey). And yes, 100 miles is one race for some people apparently. Anyway, given its wearability and unique look, the sneaker, in many ways, was the final push diehard leather bottom fanatics needed to irreparably force them towards the hypebeasting darkside. And that's why we lost our collective shit when we learned that 3 new colorways—midnight blue, black and bronze—are set for an unknown, but imminent release. They're currently only available in Korea because ASIA GETS EVERYTHING, MAN. Last year's version retailed for $120, so it's pretty safe to say these new news will as well. Stay tuned.