In 1986, all five-feet and seven-inches of Spud Webb shocked the NBA when he destroyed fellow teammate Dominique Wilkins in the Dunk Contest. That fateful day, Webb had a pair of Pony City Wings on his feet, albeit a low-top version, and put sneaker heads onto the now-famous model.

Well, it has been 27 years, and the City Wings is back. This time, in in high-top form and in three different color schemes: black/red, white/black/red, and white/grey. Now, we're not promising that you'll get ups like Spud, but the sneakers will make you look cool, because, face it, black and red looks awesome on any sneaker, especially one with a touch of history.

Expect the sneaker to release on August 15 via select retailers such as Concepts, Packers, UBIQ, atmos, Wish, and more, and with a price tag of $80.