You've probably seen professional athletes wearing colored tape on their backs, shoulders, shins and legs during a recent televised competition and wondered if these crazy-looking tape patterns really help with injuries. We've got you, let's debunk a few of the most common KT Tape questions and help you find out what NOT to do when taping!

KT Tape is different than other types of athletic tape because it's a stretchy, cotton-like kinesiology tape designed to help with pain relief from an injury by increasing circulation. KT Tapes also helps with recovery by providing lightweight support to the stretched and injured ligaments. There are many different ways KT Tape can help with injury relief. It helps support the knee cap tenderness most commonly seen in those having issues with “Runners Knee”. It also helps alleviate fallen arches in the foot and has helped those who experience shin splints from overuse. It adds preventative care as well, increasing circulation to sore and stiff muscles throughout the shoulders and joints. By supporting the muscles, KT Tape allows some of the pain to release and can help speed up the recovery process. KT Tape is helpful to those experiencing pain when doing all different types of exercise, but just remember that KT Tape doesn't replace a doctors appointment! This is How to Properly Use Kinseo Tape.

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No. 1 - It's Not a Magical Fix

If you're seriously injured KT Tape isn't going to magically fix you. KT Tape is used to help with recovery and symptoms associated with pain, not completely heal injuries, especially if they are extreme and/or serious. It's important to check with your doctor to make sure that you're not needing therapy or time away from your sport in order to heal.


No. 2 - Make Sure You're Applying It Correctly

If you're not familiar with how to apply KT Tape take time to learn, don't just assume you are putting the tape in the right place! KT Tape is awesome about responding via social media and email regarding any questions you might have about their product, so make sure to reach out to them with questions. They also have created a large video collection on YouTube to make sure that you're applying the tape correctly. Take a few trial runs with the KT Tape to make sure you're applying it correctly and still have mobility of the entire taped area.


No. 3 - Try It Out Before the Big Day

Don't test out KT Tape on your big athletic debut without trying it first! We all have big races, competitions and events going on and that big day might not be the best day to have your first experience with KT Tape. If you have the time before your event, test it out to make sure your application of the tape is supportive and works well for your specific injury. Also make sure that you don't overcompensate for the taped area or have issues with the tape itself on your body.

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No. 4 - Shave

Don't apply KT Tape to unshaven areas! If you don't want to shave, taking off the tape will hurt and will possibly remove any hair that you may have had in that location. The tape does stay on for a few days, gives 24 hour relief for injuries and stays on in the shower, but it does hurt to take it off. Once it's 'ready' to come off, test your tape by peeling it back at the sides. If it's ready to come off it will peel back easily, if not, wait another day to see if it will loosen up. It also helps to soak it in warmer water for about 10 minutes.


No. 5 - Make Sure Your Skin is Clean Before Applying

Make sure the area you apply the tape to is clean. Having clean skin makes a huge difference in regards to how long the tape will stick to your body and how tight you can get the tape. When applied properly the tape can last a few days which will help alleviate the pain that you're experiencing. It also keeps you from having to reapply the tape.

Remember to check out KT Tape online for more education on how to properly apply the tape to help with your injuries. If you are seriously injured, please make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible.

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