Parisian "too cool for everyone" label A.P.C. and Nike have teamed up once again on a collaboration that really makes me think, "Why the shit didn't anyone think of this before?" These designs are so simp and I mean that in the best way possible too. They're elegant in a way that these classic styles (Dunks and Air Max 1's) have never been before, simply by virtue of their single color design. Sure, those black on black on black (on brown sole) Dunks might not turn heads the way some leopard pony hair man slippies would, but that's kind of the entire fucking point, so please curb your attention seeking hypebeast tendencies for a moment. And unless you're a serious fucking #menswear rookie, you know that "understated details" are basically the most crucial part of EVERYTHING. In this case, the Dunks are made of a suede exterior and full leather lining, while the Air Max 1's combine leather and mesh to create what some copywriter somewhere is calling "elegant athletic appeal". You best believe those coke white AM1's will be in heavy rotation this summer, both because I appreciate said "understated details" and because, if I'm being honest, I have a serious fucking problem with buying sneakers. Do me a solid and don't tell my girlfriend I'm copping these. She's already firing shots. Piss off your boo on May 15.