If you were so bold as to think that Vibram FiveFingers shoes were going away anytime soon, you couldn't have been more wrong. The trendy toe-separated barefoot shoes will be back in Fall 2013, but it looks like they won't just be limited to running models this time. No, we aren't talking about basketball, don't expect to see any pro ballers in FiveFingers anytime soon. Rather, the brand has decided to enter the golf game by unveiling a collection of golf-specific shoe at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. 

Ranging in price from $90-$140, Vibram is set to release four FiveFinger models for golfers to choose from this fall. Among them is the waterproof XC Speed Lite (seen above), and the running-inspired TrekSport. If you ask us, it's a bold move by Vibram to introduce a non-traditional footwear design to the sport of golf. It will most likely take some time for this trend to catch on between the links, if at all. But apparently Vibram is aware of that.

According to Peter von Conta, VP of North American Product Design for the brand: “When we’ve done testing, we found that people feel comfortable walking in the shoes for 18 holes. “It’s probably the kind of shoe that people would have to get used to.”

It will be interesting to see how golfers react to the new footwear. We certainly don't expect Tiger or Rory to drop Nike and come running to Vibram because of this.


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