It may have picked up a lot of notoriety in 2011 but it’s safe to say that Instagram really took over in 2012 (and now that they're disconnecting from Twitter, you really need to keep tabs on them separately). The ability to follow someone’s life through photos is effective and efficient — whether it is a good friend you want to keep up with or someone you have never said “hi” to, even online. Seriously, who wants to read all those tweets and Facebook updates? But it’s not uncommon for people living that 9-to-5 life to live vicariously through their favorite entertainers and athletes. As sneakerheads we have to admit that we like being in that “inner circle” of knowing what sneakers our favorite rapper is rocking in the studio or favorite basketball player is rocking after the game. We decided to put together a list of 25 Sneakerhead Celebs You Should Follow on Instagram so you can keep up as well. Feel free to hit us with your suggestions.