Year Released: 1983

When, you were a kid in 1982, didn't really have a lot of leverage. Either you were lucky, and your mom brought home some Bruins or Gazelles, or you were my homeboy Mal, and your mom came home with some Winners from Sears. Challenge Courts were the first shoes I ever picked out myself. I don't even know whether they are really tennis shoes, because they probably have basketball functionality too and, in fact, the Sky Force 3/4 from 1983 is pretty much the same damn shoe in leather. I do know that John McEnroe wore these after the Wimbledon and before the Mac Attack. I bought these because every Nike shoe I had had up to that point (Cortez, Bruin) had a tab toe overlay. At the time, cats were beginning to lace their shoes wider, and I didn't really know how to achieve that look. I was a big kid, and I didn't want my shits looking dainty. The big mesh vamp with the round overlay made Challenge Courts look bigger and wider, which I liked. At the time, I thought that this toedown was something reallly revolutionary, but Adidas and other European brands had been making shoes with this general outlook forever. Herman's Sporting Goods had these in two colors. White-red-navy and white-burgundy-gum. Burgundy was my shit at the time, but burgundy was everyone's shit in 1983, so that color was sold out.