While the red-tipped Reebok Question may be the iconic colorway to many, it's this version featuring a pearlized blue toe that should stand as the most memorable. Why? Anyone of basketball-watching age in 1996 surely remembers this moment. "Everybody talks about that one when they first meet me: 'Man, I still remember the play you shook Jordan,'" Allen Iverson says now. "Everybody gonna always remember it because it was Jordan. And, you know, Mike’s probably been shook before — somebody probably got him before — but right there, at the top of the key like that, with everybody watching..." And it wasn't that he just crossed him up, either — he got him twice on the same play. "The only reason I did it the second time," Iverson says, "is because I seen how hard he bit when I wasn’t even doing a move, I was setting a move up. I said, 'oh, he’s biting hard.'" The rest, as they say, is history. But sometimes history repeats itself. So if you missed out on the shoes the first time around, they'll be back before you know it. Look for the "Pearlized Blue" Reebok Question to hit in limited quantities on October 5 for $125.