Movie: Munich (2005)
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciarán Hind, Mathieu Kassovitz

Nothing in Steven Spielberg's filmography suggests that the man knows his way around a sex scene, and the dripping, climactic boning in Munich confirms this.

Eric Bana's character Avner has aggressive sex with his wife upon his return to America after years of hunting the terrorists responsible for the attacks at the Munich Olympics. Cutting back and forth between the final moments of those attacks—the violence at the airport—and Bana's moist mane shaking and tossing as he writhes atop his wife is meant to suggest something about the high cost of living, the price Avner has paid and the lasting damage of the attacks. Or something.

It's too silly to work, which makes this an especially difficult hard-to-watch scene. It's hard to watch because it's ridiculous (in a bad way), and it's hard to watch because it hurts what is otherwise one of Spielberg's most complex and challenging films. Double damn. —RS