Catchphrase: “I’m anonymous;” “The unwritten law of dry cleaning”
Standout Susie ether: “Get the fuck out of my house, I don’t want you here, be gone with you! If [Jeff’s] banned, then you’re banned!”

It’s easy to see why Leon became such a permanent fixture in the Curb universe even after the rest of the Blacks departed. He fits in so well here that it doesn’t even seem like his first episode, and "The Anonymous Donor" achieves classic status off the strength of his first real exchange with Larry—and his magnificent mispronunciation of “ejaculate”—alone.

Leon gets to shine twice. First, when he earns his keep in the David household (unlike Loretta and the rest of the Blacks, Leon wasn’t actually uprooted by the fictitious Hurricane Edna) by helping Larry subvert the unwritten rule of dry cleaning (you win some, you lose some) and retrieve his stolen baseball jersey—twice. Wrong guy? No problem. In the next scene, Larry and Leon are playing cards, Larry wearing his rightfully returned jersey and Leon the wrongfully retrieved one. Fast friends.

Bonus cultural significance points: Cam’ron cites this episode, where Larry lays into Ted Danson for being “a little yenta,” as an influence for one of his most classic skit-rants.