Year: 2006
How Much Money He's Making: $71.4 million
What Will's Doing: Getting his second Oscar nomination by making audiences blubber as he chases the American Dream. Before Jaden ran out of fucks, he starred with Dad in this beyond-heartwarming, true story about a homeless man who flips solving a Rubik's cube into an unpaid internship into a well-paying stockbroker job. Smith digs deep and just crushes every scene—whether he’s telling Jaden, “Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something—even me;” or pretending that dinosaurs are chasing them to distract from the fact that they have to sleep in a BART bathroom; or communicating a lifetime’s worth of joy with nothing more than a couple nods, a few lip quivers and lightly reddening eyes that can’t blink lest they start pouring.