The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was always on the pulse of style—whether Will Smith was rocking or creating the trends of the time, or sporting new black designers, like Cross Colours. So there's no doubt that the characters would look a lot different if the show came out (or was rebooted) today. Online retailer Lyst connected with artist Leland Foster to imagine what your favorite Bel Air residents would look like today for Mashable.

Will was known for his vibrant clothing on the show and Foster sticks with that style while updating it for 2015. The Fresh Prince is seen in a matching all-over tribal print outfit paired with a black vest and backpack "We imagined that modern-day Will would shop at Opening Ceremony or UK based designer platform Not Just A Label," Foster said via a release, according to Mashable. Meanwhile, Carlton is as dorky as ever wearing Google Glass glasses and an Apple Watch. 

A more grown-up Ashley appears in Kenzo—wearing bright colors that are inspired by Will. And the always on-trend Hillary is depicted in an outfit from Moschino. "Fashion was Hilary’s life and her wardrobe was always fresh off the runway but still tailored and chic," Foster explains. "We figured this Moschino skirt suit was just sassy enough for Hilary, and she could wear it to work, being a journalist."

Check out the re-imagined characters below.