Year: 2013
How Much Money He's Making: $20 million
What Will's Doing: Will conceived the story, then convinced M. Night Shyamalan to co-write, direct and cast his son in the lead role. Essentially, Will and Jaden must survive on Earth, 1000 years in the future, where everything has evolved specifically to kill humans by sensing their fear. So Will teaches Jalen to conquer fear. But on a hostile planet filled with tailored predators, fear is about the only emotion you can play. So Jalen’s performance got panned—sparking his far-more-interesting pivot to gender-fluid fashion and social media performance art. But Jaden’s not all to blame. The effects are SyFy-channel bogus, the script is littered with plot holes and the general story arc is filled with nods towards the freaky cult religion that Will has dabbled in. Not his best, but that's on its way.