While one Civil War is just heating up, another one seems to be cooling down. The video game world lost its mind when Xbox debuted 14 years ago and has since established itself as PlayStation’s main rival. Now, after years of fighting against each other for sales, the two are joining forces for a unique gaming experience.

Director Chris Charla of Xbox One says that users of both consoles will finally get to play against one another in cross-network gaming, Fraghero reports. Well, the exact words used were "other consoles" but that pretty much is including the PS4 along with Windows 10. So now that means gamer girls and bros alike will be able to fight about more than just each other’s moms and the various things done to them. 

First up for the new venture will be Psyonix’s Rocket League, a trippy sports vehicle game that features flying cars with rocket boosters. The game is already available on Windows 10 and PS4, with more cross-network projects expected this spring.