Ever since Deadpool debuted last month, leading man Ryan Reynolds has been enjoying plenty of praise. Not only did the hugely-grossing R-rated film mark a momentous payday for the actor, but fans of the film even petitioned to have Deadpool host an episode of Saturday Night Live, which the superhero himself eventually explained was not going to happen. While Reynold's good looks and undeniable charm have inspired crushes in people everywhere, there's now proof that he has two more fans who just so happen to be two of the most prominent daughters in the U.S—Sasha and Malia ObamaPeople shared a photo that shows Sasha fangirling over Reynolds while Malia provides sisterly support.

Official White House photo by Pete Souza 

The Obama girls had the chance to meet Reynolds at the White House when they attended their first-ever State Dinner on Thursday. In the photo Sasha, 14, is talking to Reynolds with a clearly thrilled expression on her face, while her older sister Malia, 17, stands back a bit and cheers her sister on with a friendly smile and two thumbs up. We are all Sasha trying to keep her cool while meeting one of the sexiest and most distinguished celebrities at the moment. Good thing her older sister was there to help her keep her cool a bit. Great team effort, girls.