Deadpool, a movie so married to its R rating that China recently banned it from screening in their country, is clearly a movie of the people. Instead of wasting everyone's time on Monday with the usual Ryan Reynolds Q&A and another batch of frustratingly brief teaser footage, the Deadpool team decided to surprise fans with a free screening of an unfinished version of the film:

So, given that a sampling of the general population (i.e. boring regular non-industry people) has now been gifted with Deadpool in its entirety, what's the verdict on its quality? "Deadpool is so freaking drop dead awesomeness," one enthused attendee tweeted. "Why did I use those words together well cause I just died." Artfully said.

Though New York's surprise screening had the distinct pleasure of approximately one Ryan Reynolds in attendance, the Los Angeles edition was even stacked-er. T.J. Miller, Rob Liefeld, Brianna Hildebrand, some hero named Stan Lee, and several other Deadpool key players gathered for the big reveal:

Still not convinced this is the R-rated film you (and the whole fam) need in your life? Peep additional praise from Monday's surprise screenings:

Deadpool improves your Valentine's Day weekend starting Feb. 12.