With films like Borat and The Dictator, in which he is virtually unrecognizable as the distinctive titular characters, Sacha Baron Cohen has become a master of disguise. The former even landed him an FBI file after numerous complaints. He’s also become something of a master of critically panned films, with The Brothers Grimsby fixing to be his worst one yet.

Despite a bleak outlook,  Cohen is doing everything in his power to get everyone to see the film including making jokes about the #OscarsSoWhite controversy at the film’s world premiere and interviewing a bunch of strangers about what they thought of him. In a funny segment for Conan, the actor and comedian walked around without makeup and no one had a clue they were speaking to the subject of their disdain. "I’m not real familiar with her," one person pointed out.

It’s probably a good idea he wasn’t recognized. Another ranked him just above Hitler and Saddam Hussein on the scale of evil and, if you’ve seen the pure torture that was Brüno, you’d agree with that fair assessment. But in reality, he's actually not a bad guy.

Check out the short clip above and find out if at least one person had a nice thing to say about him.