Nearly one year after The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon passed away at 59 years old from colon cancer, his estate is being sued by his ex-girlfriend.  

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kate Porter is asking for $5 million because the Emmy winner promised to take care of her "so that she would not have to struggle financially or worry about her future." In the lawsuit, her attorney Bryan J. Freedman claims that Simon asked her to "be more available" to him and that after cutting back her hours at work, she was eventually let go. It also that he told her not to worry about replacing her lost wages because he’d take care of her financially.

"Those entrusted with overseeing the Estate of Samuel Simon, and carrying out his last wishes, are in fact betraying that trust and refusing to honor the commitments made before he passed away," Freedman wrote. However, those alleged promises are not listed in his will.

Porter also claims that Simon’s business manager and executor of his estate, Julie Miller, did not accept or reject the claim she submitted in January. She is suing for "breach of oral contract, specific performance of contract to make will, negligent misrepresentation and equitable estoppel."

Simon died on March 8, 2015 and, in accordance with his trust, will donate a significant amount to organizations that aid and protect animals, plus other charities.