Kylie Jenner, aspiring dramatic film director and budding entrepreneur, seems to have love on the brain. She's famously deep in a sometimes-cute-sometimes-incredibly-dysfunctional relationship with Tyga (who may or may not have revealed that he's cheating on her in a recent Dujor profile), but she wants to let us know that her romantic experiences started way before she turned 18 and the two made their relationship official.

"In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve got romance, love and sweet things on my mind," she posted to the "temperature" section of her website. And in honor of that holiday, Kylie decided to share the details of her first kiss with the world. "I had my first kiss in third grade," she wrote, to which we can only respond with, awww. This was, of course, back when Kylie's lips were real—she would've been nine or 10 at the time and making her very first appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Maybe Kylie really does just have "sweet things" on her mind, or maybe she's trying to make her fickle boyfriend jealous with details of her third-grade romance. Tyga recently claimed his feelings for Kylie are real during a radio interview, telling the host, "I love that girl," so maybe there's hope for the couple after all.