Pack your bags and grab your passport—we’re going to Istanbul. Deniz Kosan, a founder of the newly opened Walter’s Coffee Roastery, has created what is probably the best coffee shop on earth. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign the Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop was able to open in March of this year and was originally called “Heisenberg Coffee and Roasting.” The idea to rename the shop came about from an ongoing joke, but, oddly enough, the groundbreaking theme has become a worldwide success. The shop features a periodic table plastered on the wall, and the workers wear aprons and yellow coveralls with surgical-like gloves. Most of the drinks are made and served in beakers and test tubes, and you can also buy Walter White-esque foods such as “blue meth cupcakes” and even pancakes with his face on it. Now, that’s one science lab Walter White wouldn’t mind dabbling in.


Walt Amcanın elini öpene şeker yaptık. 💎 #walterscoffee bayramda her zamanki gibi açık. Herkesin Şeker Bayramı kutlu olsun. ☕️

A photo posted by Walter's Coffee Roastery (@walterscoffee) on Jul 17, 2015 at 1:45am PDT