Is it possible Kim Kardashian's blockbuster app has no idea what Kanye West looks like? We can't help but wonder after Glu Games, producer of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, tweeted a cryptic photo (above) teasing the game's newest arrivals. The first thing that pops into our minds when we see the couple and baby is KimYe and North West. And outlets are reporting it is indeed Kanye. There's only one problem: the dude looks nothing like Kanye. 

Dude is rocking a clean-shaven look and has a jaw too square and eyes too green to be Kanye. He looks like some randomly generated character in the game, a suspicion confirmed by one of our own. Complex's Lauren Nostro said the dude was her boyfriend in the game before he broke up with her for being too busy with work. 

Perhaps the game is simply adding the option to have a baby and start a family. This could be just one of the options for husbands in the game. But if not, someone committed the cardinal sin of butchering Yeezus' likeness.