Jonah Tacoma, a Washington weed advocate who moonlights as a bro, inadvertently got two fast food employees fired for trading a burger and fries for hash dabs. Tacoma and a friend filmed their drive-through encounter and posted it to YouTube. In the video we see two Frugals employees take up Tacoma's offer for dabs before quickly returning to work.

Unfortunately, a total narc saw the clip and dimed out the employees to the company. A Frugals spokesperson confirmed to KOMO News the employees have since been fired. Marijuana is legal in the state, but company policy prohibits getting high on the job. And trading product for weed instead of money probably doesn't go over well with loss prevention. 

"I don't think we put them in jeopardy," Tacoma said. "I think they chose to participate. The reality is we are making a statement."

Tacoma noted that the employees asked him to hold the video for a week before posting, to which he obliged by waiting for a month. Why they thought a grace period would save them from trouble is unclear, but we can't blame Tacoma for publishing when he had the go-ahead. Perhaps they were too stoned when they decided to let him publish the video. Dabs tend to rock your world.