Air Date: Dec. 13, 1997
Starring: Tim Meadows, Helen Hunt, Will Ferrell, Steve Higgins, Collin Quinn

It was Love Line, except instead of Dr. Drew you had a philandering, Courvoisier-drinking ladies man known as Leon Phelps. People say that he never solved any of his callers' problems, which we only half agree with. Sure, people would sometimes call in to complain about the size of their wang, only for Leon to agree with them and tell them that there was nothing he could do, but once in awhile, Mr. Phelps did have some semi-decent advice.

Take the bit of knowledge he imparted in the sketch above. A man calls in saying he's having trouble finding hotter women to date. Well, Leon says, if you can't find a hot enough woman, then lower your standards and start banging skanks (his words, not ours). Either way, it makes sense to us.