Are you already knitting the Stark's direwolf emblem onto your favourite jumper in anticipation of the next series of Game of Thrones? Nothing better than showing your Westeros family allegiance by donning a poorly tailored garment, after all.

Unfortunately, the premiere of season five isn't due until April 2015. Nearly five, long, cold months to endure without Bran, Arya, Khaleesi and co.

While dry turkey, awkwardly wrapped presents and dodgy dance moves from your parents will consume a week or so of your life over Christmas, there remains many weeks to kill before Game of Thrones' alluring blend of violence, sex and political turmoil makes its way back into our lives.

Out this week, Dragon Age: Inquisition might just represent the comfort to ease such absence. The third game in a series that has historically taken a very mature approach to all things fantasy, dragons and, ahem, helmets, could this be the game to fill the Jon Snow void?

We delve into Inquisition to determine whether or not it holds the right kind of appeal to satisfy Game of Thrones fans.

*Warning: Some spoilers exist for those not up-to-date with Game of Thrones Season 4.